Test Procedure
Pulse Oximetry Screening Test in newborn babies can aid in early recognitionn of critical congenital heart disease (CCHD).

CDC Guidelines recommend screening infants in well-baby nursery more than 24 hours of age or shortly before discharge if less than 24 hours of age.

The clinician must enter Test sequence and Pulse Oximeter readings from Right Hand and from either Foot (Left or Right).

Optional data like Name, MRN and Time of Measurement may be entered for patient identification and record keeping.


Test 1 [ Initial Screen ]
Test 2 [ If indicated, repeated 1 hour after Test 1 ]
Test 3 [ If indicated, repeated 1 hour after Test 2 ]

Right Hand:      %              Either Foot:      %


Name:          MRN:  

Time of Measurement:    Hour      Minutes    AM PM